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Page 4 Photos from my travels Across America

In 1991 I had the opportunity to visit two minor league parks in Las Vegas and Albuquerque. I arrived late to the game in Albuquerque but found a decent size crowd for a Pacific League (AAA) game. The most interesting character of the stadium is the left field terrace. There are no bleachers: rather, a parking lot, elevated over the left field wall so that patrons may watch the game from the comfort of their vehicles. It is a kind of a "drive in" so to speak.

On To Las Vegas NV, where the glitter and glamour of the casinos is much wilder than a Las Vegas Stars game. Actually, the team drew well but primarily a local crowd. Not too many visitors like myself make the minor league circuit.

Tucson AZ

Jump ahead now to 1992. A couple of years before, I had attended my first minor league game ever at Hi Corbett Field (the one in the film Major League). I distinctly remember the announcer saying

Game time is 7:05 Temperature is 105 Degrees. PLAY BALL!

Not too great a crowd on hand but a good game was seen and a good time was had by all. I shot a few photos there in 1992, note Benito Santiago in a visiting Las Vegas Stars uniform. It is common for major league players to make unannounced appearances in minor league games, usually as part of an injury rehab.

Engle Field, Chattanooga

taken July, 1999....

More photos to come.......




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